Seeking Local Businesses

Tour Guys is starting our first tour season on May 1st, and we are looking for local businesses in Toronto and Vancouver who would be able to offer some kind of support. Steve in Vancouver is going to ask a local radio station to provide lanyards for his tour groups to wear to help him manage the tour more effectively. In Toronto, I’m printing up postcards to advertise our free tours in hotels and hostels. 

What we are looking for are sponsorships to help us print our postcards (in return for ad space on them), swag or coupons we can give out to members of our tour groups (perhaps to everyone or just a few as trivia prizes), or anything else that would enhance the tour experience. We want to create a “wow” experience for our clients, and we think working with local businesses is the way to go.

If you think you can help… contact us!

Jason (Toronto) – 647.230.7891

Steve (Vancouver) – 604.690.5909

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