Educational Tours and School Trips

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Entertaining and educational Toronto and Vancouver tours!

We’re offering our walking tours and tour guide services to teachers and tour companies who plan educational tours and field trips for their students. We’ve taken thousands of students on trips and we know how to entertain and enlighten them. We’ve seen other tour guides fail to engage students properly and it made us sad – seeing the students stare off into space or at the ground while the professorly guide relays “dry” info that is obviously very interesting to them and perhaps a handful of historians… not to teenagers.

Visit our Educational Tours page

We deliver the information teachers want to convey while keeping the students engaged while they learn. Tours should be fun! Our tours are very fun because we designed them to be that way and to inspire young people to continue traveling and learning throughout their lives.

If you are a teacher planning a trip to Toronto or Vancouver, we can help. If you have a favourite tour company you deal with you can still demand our services though them! If you are a tour company, we’re at your service!

To learn more, visit our Educational Tours page.

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