Just Moved to Toronto?

TourGuys Streetcar

So you just moved to Toronto… Maybe you came here for university or college. Maybe you came here to learn English at an ESL school. Maybe you just decided to live in the most exciting city in Canada. In any case, you should join Tour Guys for a free walking tour. I can’t think of a better thing to do on a nice day. Or even a day that’s not so nice. Our tours go rain or shine.

Personal Tours… If you are looking for a more personalized experience, we are available for hire to show you exactly what you want to see. We can give you a neighbourhood orientation, show you how to navigate the subway, bus and streetcar system.

House hunting in Toronto… Looking for a good neighbourhood to move to? We can show you. We can also recommend a good real estate agent.

Want to see the best views of Toronto? We can show you that to. We can even get you up in a small plane for a birds-eye view of the city. We have connections!

Here are some lists we’ve put together you might find useful:

Top 10 Things to Do in Toronto – What we do when we have free time
Best Pubs and Restaurants in Toronto – Our favourite places to eat and drink

Contact us at info@tourguys.ca for more information!

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