New Website Coming Soon!

Happy New Year everyone!

Steve and Jason have been working with a website designer to get a simpler, cleaner and more useful website developed. The new site should be ready to go in the next few days, and we’re pretty excited. If you would like to have a look at it and give us some feedback, you can see it parked at for the time being. We’re pretty excited about getting a better site and being better able to serve our visitors!

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We hope you sign up and join us for more tour fun in 2011!

-Jason and Steve

Toronto Ghost Tours 2010 – Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out for our public Toronto Ghost Tours over the past 7 weeks. There were more than 1100 of you, and everyone helped make this the best year yet for our ghost tours!

We WILL be doing a ghost tour again next year, but plan to change things up so it will be fresh and new and even more awesome. It will likely be an entirely new tour! There are lots of stories out there, and we want to share them with you. And scare you while we’re at it.

The BEST way to keep in touch with us is through Facebook. Join us, become a Facebook fan of ours and we’ll let you know when we’ve got something cooking. We regularly offer “free samples” of new tours as we develop them in order to get feedback.

Speaking of feedback, if you have taken one of our ghost tours, we would love to know what you think. Leave your feedback here!

Once we hear back from people we will start work on our tour for next year!

Thanks and see you again soon!

Tour Guys is Taking Off!

The Vancouver Sun did a nice article on us and we’re really happy with how things went this summer. This was our second summer in action and things are really starting to move for us both in Vancouver and Toronto.

Photo of Tour Guys Steve and Max
Steve and Max give a tour of Vancouver

We’ve been getting a lot of attention lately due to our listing in TripAdvisor, one of the most well-used and trusted travel websites.

Right now Tour Guys Toronto is the #1 rated attraction in Toronto!

And Tour Guys Vancouver is the #2 rated attraction in Vancouver!

We’re really grateful for the kind words and compliments we’re received. It feels good waking up in the morning knowing that you love doing what you do, and people are loving it right back!

The G20 Summit in Toronto and Tours

Map of Security Zone around Toronto G20 Sumit

On June 26 and 27, 2010 Toronto will play host to the G20 Summit. The meeting facility is the Toronto Convention Centre located downtown. While traffic will be slowed and diverted in the downtown core, the fact that Tour Guys is a walking tour company and our tours are all on foot, means little to no disruption to our operation!

Our tour routes also keep us at least two city blocks from the security perimeter, so we will be always at a safe distance from any protest that might occur near the venue.

Taking a walking tour with Tour Guys or Toronto Urban Adventures will be the best way to experience Toronto if you are here on June 26th and 27th!

‘Stride for Stroke’ Walking Tours

All proceeds go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation

June 7th – 12th at 1:00 pm, explore the heart of Toronto… while doing your own heart some good!

On most days our expert tour guides accept tips after their FREE downtown walking tours. Every day this week (June 7th – 12th), in support of Stroke Month,  they will be collecting donations for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario instead. Proceeds will support the world-renowned Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery.

Choose the date you wish to join the tour by clicking the button below:

Register for  Stride for Stroke  - Toronto Walking Tours in Timothy's World Coffee at the corner of Bay St and Queen St. West, across the street from the clock tower at Old City Hall  on Eventbrite

The Tour Starting Point

The tours will begin promptly at 1pm in front of Timothy’s World Coffee across the street from the clock tower at Old City Hall on the corner of Bay St and Queen St West. The tour is a loop and finishes where it began. The tour is about 1.5 hours long.

The Tour Route

The tour route will pass by Old City Hall, the Eaton Centre, The Bay, Church of the Holy Trinity, City Hall, Osgoode Hall, Campbell House, and many places in between. You’ll learn more about Toronto than you can shake a hotdog at!

Why We Are Donating

Tour Guys co-founder Jason Kucherawy’s father Jim (who already lived with Multiple Sclerosis) suffered a major stroke when Jason was still in high school. His family was devastated. Jim survived, but is not the same man he was before the stroke, with severely impaired mobility, diminished reasoning skills, and less ability to communicate what he’s thinking and feeling.

Jason and the rest of the Tour Guys team is pleased to be working with the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario this week.

If you can not join us for the tour and would like to make a donation online to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, click here.