Toronto Tour Update

Small Tour Poster3We have received requests to have our tours on the weekends, and since we like to please, we’ve altered our schedule accordingly… That means WEEKEND TOURS!

STARTING JULY 4th the FREE walking tours will be offered on weekends at 1:00 PM and Wednesdays through Sundays (no free tours on Mondays and Tuesdays) also at 1:00 PM.

Just to be clear…

Mon – no tour
Tue – no tour
Wed  – 1:00pm – Downtown Tour
Thu  – 1:00pm – Chinatown & Kensington Tour
Fri – 1:00pm – Downtown Tour
Sat – 1:00pm – Downtown Tour
Sun – 1:00pm – Chinatown & Kensington Tour
and so on…

In case you have not guessed, the new tour will be of Chinatown & Kensington Market! W00t!

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